• Digital Extra

    Digital Extra

    eLearning for use in schools and museums
    Digital Extra is a place for educators to explore a range of eLearning methods, innovations and technologies to better prepare them for a rapidly changing workplace. The courses are open for teachers of all categories, teacher trainers, ICT staff and resource centre staff and museum educationalists. Digital Extra aims to connect you with a new generation of learners. Read More


    Using museums and heritage as a teaching and learning resource
    SMILE stands for Schools Museums Internet Learning Education and is held in Stockholm, Lisbon, Dublin, Istanbul and Coventry.
    SMILE provides educational institutions with a resource that enables them to investigate Europe and what it means to be a European through visits to museums. Read More
  • Reading the City

    Reading the City

    Discover the city as an experiential learning resource
    The future of Europe is urban! According to UNESCO, in 50 years' time 90% or the world will live in an urban environment. In many parts of Europe this is today a fact. The time is right to start exploring the city and how to use it as a resource in teaching and learning. Read More
  • Sharing Landscapes

    Sharing Landscapes

    Using tablets for teaching outside the classroom
    Sharing Landscapes is an Erasmus+ training course held in locations throughout Europe including Lesvos, Stratford upon Avon, Santorini and Stockholm.
    Sharing Landscapes addresses issues of teaching outside the classroom; in an urban, rural, local, national and European context. The educational material is based on landscape interpretation, outdoor experiential education and mobile technology,
  • Eduglocal

    Eduglocal is a training course for teachers who want to encourage their learners to engage in Global issues as a local level. The course, held a several venues throughout Europe is open to teachers, teacher trainers and educationalists at all levels of education.

    Read More
  • Count Me In

    Count Me In is a training course for people working with special needs groups with focus on the arts and cultural sector. The course is open to educationalists working at all levels and types of special needs education.

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