Elderberry has worked as coordinator and partner in many international projects.  We bring expertise in the writing and developing of new projects, through the live project phase and ensure wide dissmenination of project results.  Several of these projects have been developed into successful training courses and publications. We use our experience of partnership working and international projects in the operation and management of the company.


  • Digital Finance 4 Youth
  • My Virtual World
  • MediaParents
  • Ready Set Robot
  • ACE Culture
  • Hold My Hand
  • Count Me In
  • Mandela27
  • Eduglocal
  • Sharing Landscapes


 Digital Finance 4 Youth

Digital Finance 4 Youth – Youth Education: To create an ecosystem between educators, financial institutions and young people that will contribute to shaping healthy debt and money habits for young adults, which will lead to inclusivity and community building in all environments.


 My Virtual World

My Virtual World - 3D Job Environment for Autistic People (Vocational Education and Training) provides training resources for Teachers, Trainers and other key workers working in Vocational Education Training that can be used to help autistic people to gain more sustainable employment thus live more meaningful lives in the long term.



Relaunching Enterprises through Workers’ Innovation and New Dynamics (REWIND) – Vocational Education and Training: Vocational training operators do not yet give enough space to WBO courses (workers buy out). The project will strengthen support training plans addressing themes inherent in the transfer of business ownership to employees (WBO) and promoting the use of cooperative models to deal with business crises, corporate regeneration, or lack of successors.



The "Seniors Perceive A Common Europe" or "SPACE" project supports the active citizenship by offering seniors in five European countries the opportunities to act as responsible citizens and to fully participate in social life with their sustainable ideas for developing a digital exhibition and several digital trails based on their rich knowledge with view to traditions, cultural heritage and their individual life skills in the five areas: nutrition, health, housekeeping, self-determined consumer behaviour and environmental behaviour.



Competence training in areas of media education for parents and guardians




The objective of "Ready-Set-Robot" is to create greater awareness among young people, parents and society in general about the importance of learning STEM. The future will be shaped by engineers and programmers that create new values. For delivering theis messages, we will take examples of teams of students from Estonia, Swedish, Finnish and Latviann schools and create motivational and educational videos about their work in robotics and project based learning.

The results of this project are intended to have broader use. We have documented the results of First Lego League competitions to use as inspirational instructional video. We have also created instructional videos on how to film using mobile devices, how to film robot projects and how to interview teachers. This is complimented by a methodology handbook and framework for teachers explaining the pedagogical value of video documentation.



 ACE Culture

Active Citizens Exploring Culture - ‘ACE Culture’ has the objective of extending and developing the competences of educators and other personnel such as archivists, artists, museum, and heritage professionals. The aim is to support adult education in Community Learning Environments, working with local people with an interest in gaining new skills on influencing inclusion in their community.



 Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand (Adult Education) aims to work on the development of a culture that addresses the issue of end-of-life support with full awareness. In addition, the project aims to equip the adult population to help them address the issue of end of life with their families and health professionals..

CountMeIn Logo

Vocational training - people with physical and learning disabilities through cultural activities. LdaV2012 – 2014

Elderberry has developed the training material and a training course.

Mandela27 logosplash 400x200

Mandela27 examines the cultural changes that occurred in Europe and South Africa through the lens of Nelson Mandela's struggle against apartheid and his time spent in Robben Island Prison.


Elderberry designed the 'DIY Exhibition' and edited the exhibition materials and teachers notes.

Eduglocal Logo

Developing interactive and learner-centered methodologies and tackling the main themes of 'Glocal' Education.



Elderberry is developing a new online resource using the webquest methodology. Also creating a new course for teachers and ebook teacher notes.

SLwhite Logo

An interdisciplinary methodology on teaching outdoors for adult learners.

Elderberry developed content for the book,teachers notes and elearning course; along with creating a successful Sharing Landscapes course.


The SMILE method focuses on how to use archives, libraries, museums and cultural heritage more effectively in education and training.

Elderberry developed content for the book, teachers notes and elearning course. The results are also used in our SMILE course.