Elderberry AB undertakes curriculum development and strategic studies, authoring, testing, editing and publishing within school, youth, adult, teacher and VET education, often with socio-cultural and urban implications. We are experienced with traditional methods for educational material as with eLearning and eCulture.

We have held EU in-service teacher training courses for over 10 years, specialising in the use of museums and heritage sites, eLearning and urban studies where a problem based approach is developed. Over 1000 teachers have participated in the one week courses held in Stockholm, Istanbul, Florence, Lisbon, Coventry, Lesvos and Santorini www.eucourses.eu The courses were amongst the most successful in the Lifelong Learning Programme and are proving just as popular under the Erasmus+ programme.

The company has long experience of EU projects as coordinator and partner. We use this experience and integrate it into the operational and financial management of the company.

  • 1999: SMILE(71617-CP-1-1999-C31) - Comenius Multilateral primary education
  • 2003: eTen ECMADE (C28022) eLearning, eCulture
  • 2005: The Learning Eye (Grundtvig) - visual literacy adult education
  • 2008: Digital Extra Leonardo daVinci) - eCulture
  • 2009: iEducate – Leonarod da Vinci - elearning
  • 2011: Sharing Landscapes Grundtivg - responsible for content
  • 2011: SMILE-VET ( LdaV TOI) Partner - responsible for content
  • 2012: NetLab LdaV - Future strategy document
  • 2012: Count Me In LdaV - training through culture for people with learning disabilities, responsible for content
  • 2012: CARES LdaV - Social Sensitivity and Emotional Intelligence in healthcare responsible for testing
  • 2013: Mandela27 - Culture 2013 culture and democracy, content and exhibition
  • 2013: Outreach Europe Culture 2013 - opening museums for a broader public responsible content
  • 2014: Eduglocal - Comenius Global Education, responsible for elearning production and content
  • 2015 MiGreat! Supporting Migrants into CVET Erasmus plus – Content development. Erasmus
  • 2015 Count me in too! VET for people with disabilities through cultural institutions. Erasmus
  • 2016 Grandma's Story - Engaging migrant youth in their local communities. Erasmus
  • 2017 Art EQUAL - explore, question, act, learn! Inclusive education for children through arts and cultural activities. Erasmus
  • 2017 SIMRA – Cultural and Adult Education programs for migrants and refugees. AMIF
  • 2018 Virtual Reality Archive Learning – Adult education through VR and Archives. Erasmus
  • 2018 Ready-Set-Robot! – Robotics for schools. Erasmus
  • 2018 Xtended Reality Leadership for Xtra-ordinary Leaders. Programs of leadership using VR. Erasmus
  • 2018 Volunturing. Adult Education programs for Migrants. Erasmus
  • 2019 Enlarging youth entreprenaurial spirit. Erasmus Youth
  • 2019 Virtual Spitfire - Using Virtual Reality and Local Industrial Heritage for Developing Key Competences. . Erasmus Adult
  • 2020 Active Citizens Reimagining the Community. Active Citizens Reimagining the Community. Erasmus Adult
  • 2020 Coding for Migrant Women Returners (C4MWR) Erasmus Adult
  • 2020 Box of our Memories - Adult education programme caring for memory loss Erasmus Adult
  • 2020 LOG'IN L' habitat inclusif pour personnes en situation d'handicap comme réponse à l’autonomie sociale Erasmus Adult
  • 2021 Grow and Sell for Sustainable Living Erasmus Youth
  • 2021 Migrogardens Erasmus Adult
  • 2021 SPECIAL Youth Entrepreneurship. Erasmus Youth.


David Powell

David Powell presented with an award from Cambria College, Wrexham

David Powell, MA, M.Des, B.Ed has long experience as; a teacher, teacher trainer, senior museum curator, educational author and innovator. The courses he has developed have been used with thousands of teachers across Europe. David has also contributed to transnational culture and eLearning projects around the world from Europe to the Caribbean and South Africa. He is the author of several books, some which still top the Swedish bestselling list for educational publications.